Hodgdon’s Powder Creek CAS Range

by Tame Bill SASS#30699L / Regulator / President Emeritus

By the time you read this article we as a SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting club will have surpassed 113 members, the majority being brand new to our sport. This being the case, many of you are probably not familiar with the origins of Powder Creek Cowboys, Inc. and the Hodgdon Powder Creek CAS Range. Therefore I will wax nostalgic in the next few columns.


Melissa and I had recently moved back to the area and found the local action shooting scene fractured into antagonistic clichés. After a year of no competitive shooting, we visited a local SASS affiliated club that was hosting its annual match. There were crowds of people smiling, laughing and looking as if they just stepped out of a tintype. To top this off, they were shooting guns of the old west…we were hooked! No local club existed as Mike Daly a.k.a. Birdshot had just disbanded the “Cowtown” SASS club at Mill Creek Rifle Club in De Soto, KS and returned my membership check after my first CAS match. I was exasperated, a city the size of Kansas City and no local CAS club, this would not stand.

I contacted Birdshot and he provided a listing of persons who had at one time or another attended a Cowtown CAS match. From this listing a small but dedicated group was formed to create a new SASS affiliated club in the metro. A letter writing campaign was launched and within days our phones began to ring. The initial meeting of what was to become the Powder Creek Cowboys was held in the club house of Powder Creek Shooting Park Thursday, December 6th of 2001 at 7:00pm. Twenty-one dedicated CAS shootists were in attendance to name the new organization, elect officers and determine the next steps in order to move forward.

This dedicated group of CAS shooters elected a Executive Board of Directors consisting of: Stuart Barber a.k.a. Tame Bill – President, David Birk aka Col. Diamond – Vice President, Lt Col Jack Trippon a.k.a. Hill Beachy – Range Master, Jerry Wilson aka 12 Gauge – Treasurer. At Large Officers: Chip Marquardt a.k.a. Poker Chip, Clay Bowlin a.k.a. Osage Jack, Dusty Stephens a.k.a. Col Luke Skywalker, Melissa Barber a.k.a. Rowdy Anne, and Sonny Robertson a.k.a. Mr. Blue. The next order of business was to discuss and vote on SASS affiliation for our group. Col. Diamond introduced Birdshot of the defunct Cowtown club. Birdshot expounded on the pros and cons of SASS affiliation. A unanimous show of hands decided that SASS affiliation would be a requirement.

Osage Jack ably conducted a round robin brainstorming session to name our foundling CAS club. Many potential names were suggested and voted upon with Powder Creek Cowboys the winner by one vote. The final order of business conducted was to discuss forming working committees necessary to move the club forward.