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For Sale

Kirkpatrick gun belt with two holsters for sale. Kirkpatrick LH09 rig, right hand strong holster and right hand cross draw holster, in black, both for 51/2 saa’s or clones. 49 inch belt from end to end. Never used in a match. Would like $425. Distinguished Gentleman – Text is best at 816-728-2628

Want to Buy

Looking for a Stoeger 12 gauge SXS shotgun. Single or double trigger.

Really looking for a replacement stock. Let me know what you have!

Cowboy Jake


For Sale

Tru Ivory Antique Grips for a Government 1911 Pistol.

Slight use.  $50.00

 Colonel Diamond aka David  Birk. or 913-269-2176

For Sale

1873 Cimarron Model P

5 1/2″ Barrel. .38 Special/.357 Standard Blue finish. Considered as the most authentic and highest quality reproduction of the 1873 Colt, Cimarron’s replica was reproduced in every detail from an original 1873 single action in our antique collection, and was not replicated by working simply from drawings, as with previous reproductions. We also took extra steps to improve the gun’s reliability with our Cowboy Comp® action which eliminates weaknesses associated with the 19th century design. Offered in the 5 1/2 inch barrel length, the post-1896 Pre-War frame, where the cylinder base pin retaining screw is found on the side of the frame, in front of the cylinder. Cimarron’s Model P is the sixgun of the West! Can accept cashiers check or money order.

I am asking $505 for the following.  Contact Colonel Diamond aka David  Birk. or 913-269-2176

For Sale

Bond Derringer

Bond Rowdy 45/410 Derringer Shot about 20 times with all the paper work and warranty card.     $325.00. might do some trading, up or equal depending what you have Skillet 816-787-3133 

Family Firearms Safety

Shotgun Shells in stock now!


Trail Boss Powder!   – Limited quantities

Please call for current prices!


Looking for something new???

I can back order your new firearms to insure you get the earliest availability!

Ask about other revolvers, rifles and shotgun availability.

Call Arkalon @ 913-485-0176 or